Our talented songwriters can custom write a song or score specific to the needs of your project, click here.




Services We Offer Cleared

All our music is written and recorded by Play 8 Music Publishing which makes Play 8 Music Publishing the easiest and fastest way to go from your ears to your project.

Who wants to track down the owner of the master recording plus 5 different songwriters with 5 different publishers? That’s 6-11 contracts to clear 1 song.

With Play 8 Music Publishing, it’s just 1 contract for 1 song, that’s it, that’s all.

We make the process easy and refreshing.

Because Play 8 Music Publishing owns 100% of the master recordings and publishing rights for each song in our catalogue, P8M is a one stop shop to clear music for your project.

We know your time is valuable, that’s why weather it’s a general inquiry, a licensing request of your just saying hello, we guarantee a response within 24hr or less. Songs Added Weekly

Our catalogue of songs is constantly growing, Every week Play 8 Music Publishing adds new songs to our catalogue, so check back regularly. If you would like register for updates, click here.

As a registered user you will have access to our whole catalogue free! only when you choose to use a song for your project will we negotiate the rate.

Alternatively, you can also receive updates through our RSS feed, if you have your own reader then you can be notified every time a new song is added. Are Adjustable

Need custom lyrics or a custom mix? no problem! If you happen to find exactly the right feel for your project but the lyrics just don’t work, we can tailor the lyrics to work exactly with your project.

Almost 90% of our catalogue can be mixed or adjusted to suit your needs. Music

On top of writing custom lyrics or providing custom mixes, if by chance you do not find what you are looking for in our catalogue then our talented songwriters can custom write a song specific to the needs of your project.

If you are interested in our custom music service simply send an email to with the subject “Custom Music” as well as a summery of what you are looking for and someone will be in touch. (please include as much of what you are looking for as possible in your email) Access


Most companies charge a fee to download tracks from their website, but what if you only want to try the song against the picture in the editing stage?

After registering with Play 8 Music Publishing you will have instant access to all of the songs in our catalogue and will be able to download them absolutely free!

If at that point the song works with your project and you would like to license it, THEN send us your request form.





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